Forum for Freedom in Education

Happy, Sustainable, Inclusive, Modern and Democratic School

The Forum for Freedom in Education is a well-recognized civil society organisation active since 1992. It works on harmonising the educational system in Croatia with the educational standards of modern democratic societies, guided by the principles of choice and equal access to education that enables the self-realisation of a person.

Our innovative, high-quality programmes provide support to teachers and schools, children and youth, university lecturers and professionals working with children and youth in the educational and the social welfare systems. The programmes of teaching advancement, civic and health education, skills of non-violent conflict resolution and improvement of school management are designed for those stakeholders.

The goals of the programmes of the Forum for Freedom in Education are achieved through professional training seminars and educational activities, studies and analyses, campaigns and creative competitions, as well as through direct work with teachers and schools. Publishing plays an important role in disseminating best practices by way of compendia and other publications available on the organisation’s web site. Particular attention is paid to the development of high-quality programmes for children and youth so that they can gain knowledge and skills for their participation in societal and democratic processes.

Over its almost 30 years of work, the Forum for Freedom in Education has grown into an organisation that successfully uses European Union funds for the development of Croatian schools and the professional training of teachers.

Over 10,000 primary and secondary teachers have participated in our training events and workshops, and we are particularly proud of the average evaluation mark of our seminars: 4.8 (on a 1-5 scale). The National Foundation for Civil Society Development recognised the Forum for Freedom in Education’s work and awarded us their institutional support on three occasions. Representatives of the Forum for Freedom in Education have participated in the work of a number of professional committees and working bodies in the field of education on the national level. We have been, by decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia, an accredited conciliation organisation since 2013.

The most noticeable testament to the work and programmes of the Forum for Freedom in Education is the number of established partnerships with primary and high schools, municipalities, cities and counties, as well as other relevant stakeholders in education.

Teaching Advancement

Head of the Program:
Eli Pijaca Plavšić,

Organising high-quality teaching and giving students an incentive to participate, collaborate and think critically, are only some of the challenges teachers face on a daily basis.

The aim of the program is to modernize and enrich the teaching process with the emphasis on strengthening literacy and critical thinking and developing and curriculum-based curricula based on the needs of students and the context of the wider local community. These professional training programs give teachers a set of techniques, methods and tools that make teaching more active, and students engaging.

The Teachers have recognised the seminars “Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking” and “Active Learning and Critical Thinking in Higher Education” both for their high quality and their practical aspects.

Applying a new teaching philosophy with over 80 methods and techniques, these seminars take teaching to a new level.


  • Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking
  • Active Learning and Critical Thinking in Higher Education
  • Teaching Reading and Writing based on Literacy Assessment

School Democratisation

Head of the program:
Mario Bajkuša,

While different as individuals, we are all citizens of the Republic of Croatia and of the European Union. To be a citizen of a democratic society implies certain knowledge, skills and values that need to be developed from an early age.

The aim of the program is a sustainable and democratic school that lives underlying democratic values both through governance and through the teaching.

The program activities explore various issues to strengthen the role of education in forming a democratic culture, actively work to introduce civic education in schools, and organize creative competitions and activities with children and youth to enable them to know how to be active citizens. There are three components of this program: Civic Education, School Governance and Volunteering and Active Citizenship.

Civic Education component covers fundamental education for democracy and human rights, anti-corruption education and education on European Union and sustainability. School Governance component empowers school principals and build their competences to grow democratic and encouraging school culture on the level of management but also on curriculum level. Volunteering and Active Citizenship see volunteering as a major tool to engage students and to engage students in critical thinking and active participation in local and global communities.

Resources: 18 educational programmes for teachers and youth; sets of textbooks and manuals for teachers in all programs; several collections of lesson plans for direct implementation in classrooms; study on perception of corruption in secondary education; board game for students on integrity and honesty…

Civic Education

  • Law in Everyday Life
  • Anti-corruption Education
  • Education on European Union
  • Media Literacy
  • Competences for Sustainability
  • Gender Equality in Schools

School Governance

  • Academy for Principals
  • School Development Plan
  • School Curriculum Development
  • Questionnaire method in education
  • Introduction in Project Planing
  • Development and Writing of Project Proposals
  • Public Relations in Education

Volunteering and
Active Citizenship

  • Volunteering in Working with Children and Youth
  • Development of School Volunteering Programmes
  • Volunteer in Work with Children and Youth
  • School of Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship School for Teachers

Development of Social and Personal Competences

Head of the program:
Ana Munivrana,

Personal and social competence programme is composed of socio-emotional development, school and peer mediation, and Forum for Freedom in Education prevention programmes. The aim of the Personal and social competence programme is improvement of competence, skills and knowledge of educational staff.

They are empowered in terms of personal and social development so they could comprehensively work with students on individual, classroom and school level on following topics: Development of self-esteem and self-confidence, Nonviolent communication and peace education, How to constructively solve conflicts, Mediation and conflict transformation, Introducing school and peer mediation in school as a comprehensive prevention programme, How to build and develop good relationships, Prevention and reduction of psychological and physical violence, Reducing miscommunication, stereotypes and prejudice and Active engagement of children and youth.

All projects, seminars, prevention programmes and activities within Forum for Freedom in Education are aimed at empowering school as protective factor for facilitating personal and social development of children and youth together with development of their full potential and creativity. Aim of the programmes is that schools become places of continuous learning, cooperation, tolerance, trust, support where all students, educational workers, parents and local community actively and equally participate. Personal and social competence programme is content wise related to the programme of School Democratisation.

Resources: Seven tailor made trainings in mediation for teachers, experts and youth; Mediation Handbook and Workshop Book “We Can Work It Out”; Publication “From Heart to Heart: communication models as a tool in mediation”; 18 hours training “Happy Child”; Publication “From the Heart to Heart” (communication models) in Croatian language; Workbook “Happy Child”; 12 hours training “Paint the world”; support in organization of the creative competition “Paint the world with diversity”; Workshop collection “Paint the world”; Start the change (manual and workshop collection in four languages)


  • Basic mediation seminar
  • Advanced mediation program
  • Additional mediator training
  • Team mediation
  • Peer mediation
  • Peer Mediation Academy

Happy Child

  • Happy Child

Paint the World

  • Paint the World

Start the Change

  • Start the Change
  • Youth Starts the Change

Horizontal Programs and Projects

The creative competition “Paint the World!” became the focal point for promoting tolerance and acccepting the differences in schools. We receive hundreds of creative works every year, in which students contemplate tolerance by sending clear messages to the adults about the society they wish to live in.

Educational programmes of the Forum for Freedom in Education for youth – summer schools and academies, seminars and workshops – are creating spaces for learning, new friendships, new ideas. These programs are a place where young people respond positively to the incentives and effort invested.

Volunteers are a great strength for the Forum for Freedom in Education. Each year university students and other young professionals join our team to gain basic teamwork skills, learn about the educational system and share in the construction of a better educational system and society.

The Forum for Freedom in Education has been implementing the programme of scholarships in the United Kingdom since 1992, and over 150 students from Croatian high schools have participated in the programme. The experience of education in British schools provided them with a wide range of educational opportunities and they forged friendships that continued after the end of their schooling.

A Year in our Organisation

On average, we implement between 20 to 25 projects. We have between 45 and 50 seminar groups all over Croatia with 800 to 1000 participants. Around 800 certificates is issued to participants. Participants rate our seminars with average rate of 4,8 (1 to 5 scale). We reach out to more than 5000 people through our projects. We publish around seven publications. At least two major conferences are held. More than 1700 students and 257 teachers take part in our annual creative contest “Paint the World”.

Our Field of Expertise

  • Teaching Advancement
  • Civic Education
  • Mediation
  • Health Education
  • School Leadership Advancement
  • Youth and Youth Policies
  • Scholarship
  • Program and Project Development

Our Skills

  • Program and Project Development
  • Project Management
  • Event Management
  • Scholarship Administration
  • Professional Training
  • Education
  • Mediation
  • Volunteer Management
  • Evaluation and Supervision
  • Research
  • Competence Development

Our Strenghts

  • Reliable partner
  • High-quality, recognised programmes and projects
  • Excellent, motivated team
  • Wide network of trainers and experts
  • Years of managing EU projects
  • Network of partner organisations

Our EU Projects˙2016-2021


Programme: Erasmus+
Lead Partner: Forum za slobodu odgoja (HR)
Partners: Think Global (UK), Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci (IT), Mladinski center Dravinske doline (SI), Network of Education Policy Centers (HR)


Programme: Erasmus+ (KA201)
Lead Partner: Network of Education Policy Centers (HR)
Partners: Sihtasutus Poliitikauuringute Keskus Praxis (EE), Фондацијата за образовни и културни иницијативи „Чекор по чекор” (MK), Pedagoški inštitut (SI), Osnovna škola dr. Vinka Žganca, Zagreb (HR), OU Dane Krapcev, Skopje (MK), OŠ Tisina (SI), Forum za slobodu odgoja (HR)


Programme: Erasmus+ (KA105)
Lead Partner: Forum za slobodu odgoja (HR)
Partners: Think Global (UK), Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci (IT), Mladinski center Dravinske doline (SI)


Programme: Erasmus+ (KA205)
Lead Partner: Biedrība ideA (LV)
Partners: Jelgavas novada Izglītības pārvalde (LV), Klub Podjetniškega gibanja EMC, Ptuj (SI), Šola Circulane-Zavrč (SI), Forum za slobodu odgoja (HR)


Programme: Erasmus+
Lead Partner: Development Education Centre, South Yorkshire (UK)
Partners: Anthropolis Association (HU), Oxfam (IT), Center for Citizenship Education (PL), Peace Education Institute (FI), Slovak Centre for Communication and Development (SK), Sudwind Association for Development Policy and Global Justice (AT), University of Thessaly (EL), Forum za slobodu odgoja (HR)


Programme: Erasmus+ (KA3)
Lead Partner: Network of Education Policy Centers (HR)
Partners: NSO-CNA Leiderschapsacademie (NL), Šola za ravnatelje (SI), Pedagoški institute (SI), Фондацијата за образовни и културни иницијативи „Чекор по чекор” (MK), Македонскиот центар за граѓанско образование (MK), Pučko otvoreno učilište „Korak po korak“ (HR), Forum za slobodu odgoja (HR).


Programme: Erasmus+
Lead Partner: University of Gloucestershire (UK)
Partners: St Edward’s Preparatory School, Cheltenham (UK), Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci (IT), Istituto Comprensivo statale Rita Borsellino, Palermo (IT), Rogers Foundation for Person-Centred Education (HU), Carl Rogers Person Centered School and Kindergarten (HU), OŠ Marije Jurić Zagorke, Vrbovec (HR), Forum za slobodu odgoja (HR)


Programme: Erasmus+
Lead Partner: School Development Support Agency (UK)
Partners: Eurosoc Digital GmbH (DE), Les Tetes De L’art, Marseille (FR), Universidade Nova De Lisboa (PT), Forum za slobodu odgoja (HR)


Programme: Erasmus+ (KA105)
Lead Partner: Forum za slobodu odgoja (HR)
Partners: Aveiro Viva – Associação para a Promoção e Desenvolvimento Social, Aveiro (PT), Mladinski center Dravinske doline (SI), Smokinya Foundation, Sofia (BG), Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci (IT), Asociacion Las Niñas Del Tul (ES), Youth Office of the Municipality of Kristinestad (FI), Solidarity Mission Civil Non Profit Company, Athens (EL)


Programme: Erasmus+
Lead Partner: Centro Per Lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci (IT)
Partners: Mozaik İnsan Kaynakları Geliştirme Derneği (TR), Inter Alia (EL), Izobrazevalni Center Geoss D.O.O. (SI), Associação Para Costumes Futuros (PT), Center For Intercultural Dialogue Association (MK), Eurodynamis (ES), Divadlo bez domova (SK), Pistes Solidaires (FR), Einurð (IS), Forum za slobodu odgoja (HR)


Programme: Erasmus+ (KA3)
Lead Partner: Forum za slobodu odgoja (HR)
Partners: OŠ Ivan Meštrović, Zagreb (HR), Inova+ (PT), Agrupamento De Escolas José Estêvão, Aveiro (PT), Македонскиот центар за граѓанско образование (MK), State Municipal School “Nikola Karev” (MK), Network Of Education Policy Centers (HR), Sirius Policy Network on Migrant Education.


Program: Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme
Lead Partner: Medical University of Vienna, AT
Partners: Universitat de Valencia (ES), Udruženje JAZAS (RS), Anglia Ruskin University (UK), Sora, Ogris & Hofinger (AT), Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave (SK), Forum za slobodu odgoja (HR)


Programme: Erasmus+
Lead Partner: Pistes Solidaires (FR)
Partners: Collège Jean Sarrailh, Monein (FR), Eurosoc Digital GmbH (DE), Casa do professor (PT), Associació Caminos (ES), Forum za slobodu odgoja (HR)